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Admitting that I (we) fully understand the risk of injury or death (including the risk of financial loss and related losses) that I or the minor may incur in participating in the competition, the above risks may be caused either by myself or the minor or by physical or vehicle factors, or by the conduct, omission or negligence of others, or by physical or physical or motor vehicle factors. Vehicle factors, or unfamiliarity with the conditions of equipment, facilities, racetracks or venues and the rules governing such competitions or activities. To undertake personal injury or personal injury to the minor (including all medical expenses or hospitalization expenses).
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   Tattoo is commonly known as tattoo, the ancient classical Chinese called Nirvana, is in the monotonous skin of people portrayed the ideal picture, become eternal life, retain memory as the most beautiful picture of life, originally not the exclusive mark of bad people, tattoo design, whether in writing or design, always in order to please themselves and others, not Where are you writing?
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